Pink Drive
  • The UAEoffroaders ADVENTURE Challenge

    Ready to get thrilled????

    The Challenge will be run in the Al Ain Area and will test your offroading skills and adventurous nature. Yes, I said “offroading skills” not “desert driving skills”. Part of the challenge will run through desert terrain, others through wadi terrain and others on the road???

    We will have a series of challenges and destinations to reach, each containing its own unique ADVENTURE. There will be 4 Adventures in total. The details of each adventure will remain a surprise for the day. Each driver of each vehicle will have to participate and finish each adventure before the team can get the clue to show the way to the next adventure. Drivers are welcome to bring family and friends along for the ride but they will only observe and act as cheerleaders for the drivers.

    We will finish the day with the GRAND MASTER of all adventures. This last Adventure will be hosted in Wadi Adventure Park. Please note that this last adventure will not require you to swim. To cover our access to the park we unfortuantley have to charge a minimal fee for your participation. Each Driver will be charged 150 Aed, This will cover your access to the park, participation in the adventure, access to the swimming pool, access to the splash area. If you have family/friends joining you we have negotiated an access rate of 50 Aed per person. This will give them access to the park, the swimming pool, and to the splash area. We will
    invite you all to join us after the challenge to stay over and enjoy the facilities and day with all our friends. Please note that if you would like to participate in the other facilities/activites available at the park it will have to be arranged and paid for by yourself. Food outlets are available on the premises.

    The game plan:
    1. The Teams; members will form teams of 4 cars, there must be 1 Marshal or Expert and at least I member should preferebly be junior offroader, all cars MUST carry all equipment appropriate for their level as well as compressors for inflation.
    2. Dress Code: Preferably a UAEoffroaders T-Shirt, if you have one. To gain access to some of the adventures we will issue each driver with an Adventure tag.
    3. In some of the challenges you might get wet, …, so bring along your swimwear, or wear it from the start to save some time. (As said previously, no swimming will be required)
    4. For registration purposes only team leaders to register please. Team leaders are to post their Team name and members in the thread below.
    6. Families are welcome to join but the fee will be applicable as stated above.
    7. Please contact and Marshal or post on this forum if you would like to join a team.