Pink Drive
  • Tony Martin

    Name: Tony Martin (tintin)
    Rank: Marshal
    Ride: 93 Jeep YJ Renegade (The Red Renegade)

    I started out with the club shortly after they opened in 2009 and have loved every second of being a member. I worked my way up to become a marshal with the club and have ran and helped to run some of the biggest trips in the club, if not the country!!! I love cruising the dunes of Sweihan and Al Remah/Al Saad and can sometimes be found in Al Faya screaming along some nice long slip faces. When I'm not offroading I love spending time with my wife, son and of course our English Bulldog, Lucy. Other than that I love Muay Thai (Thailand style kick boxing) and can be found in the cobra pit two to three times a week training hard.

    I love teaching new members new skills and like to talk (a lot) about modifying cars and comparing experiences with other members. I have been known to have a heavy right foot at times, but as I like to say, go hard or go home!!! I hope to meet you all out in the sand soon and share our experiences about the desert and our rides