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  • Bjorn Johnstone

    Name:Bjorn Johnstone
    Forum Name : Quicksilver
    Ride: Fj Cruiser 2009
    Location: Dubai

    Mods: BF 285's, 2.5inch Pro-comp Lift Kit, Stage 6 Mind blower Fuel Enhancer, TRD cool air intake and MagnaFlow Catback Exhaust's.

    Interested in Family, Fast cars, IT, Rc, off-roading, Gadgets, running, Making new friends and learning new stuff.

    Born in India and been living in UAE since sep 03 and have worked in various sectors like Hospitality, Government,FMCG, Business setup and now ventured into Supply Chain and Logistics.

    I first read about UAE offroaders and was so excited but did not have a car?!?! so i signed up anyway with my wife's pajero and was told that its a short wheel base and would be fine. My first trip was a year ago and i met soo many new people and was amazed by the hospitality and tactics offered to me "Who said there's Nothing free in the UAE?". Although i got stuck almost every 15 minutes and ripped off my bumper i was so comforted by the members and was also offered to get it fixed by one of the members BKG. My wife did not notice a thing ;-).

    And then i sold my saloon and went in for the FJ and with the guidance of the club, made a few mods to protect the car and its been amazing fun !

    A family oriented club welcoming you every time and taking care of you and your ride. I haven't seen a more safe and friendly club in the UAE.

    Addictive sport and this is the only place in the world you can experience this adventure.

    See you all on the sand