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  • Mohannad Hamdan

    Name: Mohannad Hamdan
    Car Type: JeEp WrAnGlEr 2009- JK (BLUE Shark)
    Age/location: 34/Dubai
    Working as: Products Manager

    I like the desert a lot and since long time I like to own wrangler and find someone learn me how I can drive safely in the desert .
    I remember the 1st time I drove in the desert it was with my father before I got driving license, on 11/2009 I decide to buy wrangler and I did, but still I am looking for someone to train me so I request my father as he use to driver in the desert since more than 25 year and that the first time I drove my TJ in the same time we met some of the group member as I remember was Alkurby, lee and Ali, they asked us if we need any help then we chat and they invite us to join the club I remembered that I asked if there is any charge to join and how I can drive in the desert as I am still beginner they said do worry the club free and we will start with you from the black road until you will become expert driver, that what happened know I am a marshal .
    Know I am driving my lovely BLUE Shark ( JeEp WrAnGlEr 2009- JK)

    I'm proud that I belong to this club.

    I would like to thank all the bro's with who's help, support and train me to reach this level.