MOREEB DUNE FESTIVAL 2018 - LIWA camping trip

Date Thu, 4th Jan 2018
Start Time 15:00 (03:00 PM)
End Time 23:30 (11:30 PM)
Level Public
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Closed
Capacity 30 of 60
Trip Owner fares_alkuwaiti

Dear Offroaders,

Welcome to the MOREEB DUNE FESTIVAL 2018 - LIWA camping trip

this trip is on of the biggest in our club during the year. this trip is to attend the Moreeb Dune Festival 2018.

we will camp for 2 nights 

this time will be a small change then the last year which will be a fees of

180 Dirhams per person

( Free for less then 13 years)


Infront of this charge you will get the below:

1- A full private camp.

2- Food for ( Th. Dinner + Fri Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) 

3- Electricity for lights, phone charges, etc.

4- 2 private restrooms with water.


On Friday we will have a morning junior and offroader level drive. you will enjoy joining these trips as it will be leaded by expert people who are very profisinal doing trips in Liwa.


please make sure the below:

1- Your Car is in a good condition.

2- Bring your camping gear.

3- bring your snacks in between the mejor meals.

4- you have redio and flag.


please note the below:

1- People who didnt register on the website are not welcomed in this trip.

2- The cars will be outside the camp area, we recommend to have a private tent which you can take it inside the camp (for people who have conected tents to thier cars)


people will call you after registering to collect the fees. 


Thank you and we hope that you will enjoy the maximum.