Date Thu, 1st Feb 2018
Start Time 20:00 (08:00 PM)
End Time 03:00 (03:00 AM)
Level Junior
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Closed
Capacity 13 of 12
Trip Owner Positive

Hi offroaders ,,

its me Positive,, nothing better than a night advanture and have a nice meal with a fire gathering and chatting followed by early(not very very early :) ) morning drive after having a warm delicious coffee and breakfast. :). ITS TIME TO CAAAAAAAAAAMP

First of all:

this trip is made to enjoy our hobby and to be able to explore a new area and live the advanture together.

-as a driver you will be exposed to a night drive from the meeting point to the camping location(1.5 hours driving) leading by me.

different area challanges and long drive and it will not be easy but a lot of fun. :)

This trip is fit for jounior(who drove more than twice) and offroader level


 i strongly recommend:

- To install LED light (if you dont have it yet) to have better night driving performance.

- bring all camping equipment and enough food and drink for what you will need. i recommend more water.

-warm clothes and fire wood.

-The next day (Friday morning) we will drive a long distance to our final distination (alKhatim) so i prefer an extra fuel unless your tank is big enough for aprox 70kilo offroading.

-all offroaing equipment is a must (air compressor,radio,rope,flag etc)

-extra radio battery if available.


- last but not least the most important thing you need to bring is you (smile :) )


-there will be an easy exit to the road incase if you want to share only the night drive only .

we will camp Then offroad to our distenation.

approx we will finish around 2 PM next day

lets meet thursday night at this point below around 20:00

convoy will move from this point at 21:00 SHARP

23.984511, 55.557867


if you need any further info feel free

to call 0507722210


see you there :)