"Color the dunes" trip

Date Fri, 20th Apr 2018
Start Time 06:00 (06:00 AM)
End Time 11:00 (11:00 AM)
Level Junior
Location Dubai
Status Closed
Capacity 20 of 50
Trip Owner Daiana

Dear Junior Offroaders!

You are welcomed to "Color the dunes" trip which is organized together with Senior Fadi, Senior Greg, Senior Setia and Expert Winston. We will get to drive in the beautiful area of Al Faqa desert and take part in the creative competition. All participants will be divided into 3-4 convoys/teams (depending on the number of people) and given coordinates of the location where all artistic souls will be able to express themselves on sand and dunes with color sprays, paper, scissors, markers, paint, etc. You can also bring any means of decoration as you deem appropriate. 

Along with the offroad drivers, we will have passengers - photographers and videographers, participants of workshops held on 14th of April. They will get a chance to practice on the go all the technics and skills shared during this colorful event. Thus, please try to have your front sit available for creators as well as your windshield for camera suction cups and rest of the sophisticated equipment.

There will be valuable awards for winning team of sand artwork, best photo and best video of the trip! Please be ready to show full out of your creativity.

Photographers and videographers you are welcome for the trip without registration!!! Please don't sign in and just tell me about your participation.

The usual UAE Offroaders indemnity applies.

Please ensure on the below:
- Flag
- Radio (UHF)
- The car is in good mechanical working order, with recovery points at the front and rear
- Spare Tire is in good condition
- Plenty of Water and Snacks
- The car has a seat-belt for every passenger, to a maximum of 4 passengers.
- Fuel Tank is full
- Air Compressor
- Big SWEET Smile :D

Looking forward to a great drive with you all!