Valley of the Moon | Journey to Jordan

Date Mon, 27th Aug 2018
Start Time 00:00 (12:00 AM)
End Time 18:00 (06:00 PM)
Level Public
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Cancelled
Capacity 10 of 20
Trip Owner samernasser655

Valley of The Moon Trip!

UAEOFFROADERS are on the way to one of the world's 7 wonders!!

An interesting road trip to the magical Valley of The Moon, Mars on Earth - Wadi Rum - Where the great scene of sand dunes meeting the rose mountains extension of the rose city - Petra!


- Part 1: Land departure on Monday 27th August 2018 at 12:00 am from Abu Dhabi. Expected arrival to Riyadh on Monday at 12:00 pm (900 Km) considering safe speed, stops and boarders time. Stay and rest in the hotel until 12:00 - 1:00 AM day+.

- Part 2: Continue to Amman on Tuesday 28th August 2018 at 1:00 am. Expected arrival to Amman (1450 Km) at 5:00 - 7:00 pm same day.

Note: Maximum number of cars driven will empower the trip, however, if a member cannot drive or ship his/her car, arrival to the airport on Wednesday 29th August 2018 can be possible to arrive, sleep and join us the next day to our destination. In case any member would like to ship his/her car, please contact trip owner for recommendations on shipping companies, rates, procedures and shipping schedule.


- Tuesday 28th, August 2018: Arrive to the hotel and rest on arrival day.

- Wednesday 29th August 2018: Relaxing day, Wake up have breakfast in Amman, spend the day and gather at night to chill and prepare for the next day.

- Thursday 30th August 2018 8:00 am drive to Petra from Amman (240 Km), expected arrival at 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Walk through the rose city, tour, take photos, finish and leave to Aqaba city (126 Km) to rest, refresh, gather for dinner have shisha and sleep for the next day's destination, the Valley of the Moon!!

- Friday 31st August 2018 wake up for breakfast, quick swim, checkout and head to Wadi Rum (65 Km), meet with our guide and start our tour around driving through the rocky mountains and the semi sand dunes until we reach the sunset scene. Then head to the camp for dinner, small party, gather and sit for chitchat, and sleep for the next day’s tour.

- Saturday September 1st, 2018: wake up, have breakfast and leave the camp to meet with our guides again for the 2nd tour on other sides of Rum. Finish our tour at around 6:00 pm and then leave back to Amman (315 Km) and rest for the next day.

- Sunday 2nd to Wednesday 5th September 2018: will stay in the City for different tours going around Amman, heading to the north for Jerash historical scene, visit Ajloun Castle, Mujib Nature Reserve, the panoramic view, some attractions in Al Salt, etc…

- Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th September 2018: will head to the Dead Sea (55 Km) to spend wonderful 2 days at the hotels of the lowest point on Earth to chill, relax, swim, get covered with the healthy Mud and float in the dead sea as well as spending beautiful evenings.


- Saturday 8th, September 2018 will be the last day of the trip, as we will have breakfast and check out of the hotel. Participating members can either hit the road back or leave to Amman to rest and then head back to Abu Dhabi.


- This trip has previously been privately explored by UAEOFFROADERS members to discover places and ensure availability of contacts. And therefore, dates and hotels are chosen based on best peeks, popularity and location (Specifically Aqaba and Dead Sea) to have the same nice experience that our team had before. However, in the costs section hotels mentioned are just suggestions as members are free to choose and book otherwise.

- The earlier you book your hotel and tickets the cheaper deal you might get, as prices can go to double if booked close to trip dates.

- Jordan & KSA VISAs

A. Male entry visas to pass KSA details TBA
B. Female members travelling by land passing through KSA should be accompanied eithet by Father, Brother or Husband

C. Jordan Visas TBA (varies as per traveller Nationality)


- Fuel Cost (Example Car FJ 2013):

A. Outbound Road Trip Estimation:
Total Kms = Road Trip Part 1 (900) + Part 2 (1450) = 2350 Km
Full tank = 160 Liters X 2.22 AED (as per April 2018 Rate for 95 Octan) = 355 AED for full tank estimated 900 Km distance range to E
2350/900 = 2.611 X 355 = 927.00 AED (Estimated same litter price in KSA)

B. Return Road Trip Estimation:

First Full Tank in Jordan = 900 X 1.005 (1.005 JD per Liter as per April 2018 in Jordan) = 160.80= JD (1 JD = 5.18 AED) converts to 160.80 X 5.18 = 833 AED

2nd Full Tank in KSA 2350 – 900 = 1450 Kms remaining. 1450/900 = 1.611. Remaining Trip cost will be 1.611 X 355 (AED & KSA Rate) = 572 AED

Total = 572 + 833 = 1,405.00 AED

C. First Trip to the south (Amman > Petra > Aqaba > Wadi Rum > Rum Tour > Amman):
Amman to Petra (240 Km) + Petra to Aqaba (126 Km) + Aqaba to Wadi Rum (65 Km) + Rum Tour (250 Km considering off-roading for 2 days) + back to Amman (315 Km) = 996 Km X 1.2 (20% contingency) = 1195 Km
1195/900 = 1.327 X 160.80 = 213.51 JD Equals to 1,106.00 AED

D. From Amman to Dead Sea and returning
(55 X 2 = 110 Kms) = 110/900 X 160 X 1.005 = 20 JD (20 JD X 1.5 to allow 50% contingency for high required torque) = 30.00 JD = 155.00 AED

E. Average Kms Spent during stay in Amman with tours around the city
900 Km X 160.80 JD = 833.00 AED

Total Estimated Fuel = 927 + 1405 + 1106 + 155 + 833 = 4,426.00 AED Per Car

- Hotels Cost Estimation (Starting from strongest recommendation):

A. Dead Sea Strongly Recommended: Kimpinski Ishtar Sweimeh rate for selected Dates (6 – 8 Sep 2018) = 1,050.00 AED Per Day = 2,100.00 for 2 Days for 2 Adults
B. Aqaba 1 night Hotel 1st Recommendation: Movenpick Tala Bay Hotel (5 Stars) = 500.00 AED for 2 Adults. 2nd Recommendation: Marina Plaza (4 Stars) = 510.00 AED for 2 Adults. (Note: the dinner & Shisha Gathering will be at the 1st recommended Hotel).

C. Staying at Wadi Rum for 1 Night ranges from 30 to 85 JD = 155.40 AED to 440.00 AED Per 1 Adult.
D. Days in Amman (Recommendation = IBIS Hotel) 2 Days on Arrival + 5 Mid-week Days = 7 Days X 230.00 AED = 1,610.00 AED for 2 Adults

E. 1st Night in Riyadh (Monday to Tuesday 28th August 2018) = Approx 200 AED Per Room for 2 Adults

Total = A(2100)+B(500)+D(1610)+E(200) = 4,410.00 AED for 2 Adults for All days Excluding Rum (will be added to find rate per 1 Adult in examples below).

for 1 Adult = 4,410.00/2 = 2,205.00 AED for all days excluding rum

Total Estimated for Hotels:
Example 1: 2,205.00 + C(440.00) =2,645.00 AED Per 1 Sharing Adult including Rum
Example 2: 2,205.00 + C(155.40) = 2,360.40 AED Per 1 Sharing Adult including Rum

- Pocket Money Estimation:

Approximately 5,000.00 AED per person for 12 days

- Visas Air Plane Tickets and Car procedures estimation:

Driven cars:

A. Travel certificate 200 AED
B. Trip ticket 350 AED
C. Deposite 2000 AED (will be returned upon returning the car + trip ticket book + paper of car entry)
D. 130 AED exit fees from jordan
E. 300 AED entry fees to UAE

F. Custom Registration (The Green Registration Card including Authorized Drivers' Name) + Insurance= Approx 500 AED (TBC)

Total Estimation for Driver Cars Proccedures = 200+350+130+300+500 = 1,480.00 AED (+2000 Deposite will be refunded as per point C conditions)

For shipped cars:

G. All of above + 3000 AED shipment fees (Total for Outbound and Inbound)


flight rates for non land travellers = TBA (as per personal prefference)

- In Jordan Tourism Fees of persons and vehicles

A. Car entry fee to Wadi Rum = 100 AED
B. Person entry fee to Wadi Rum = 100 AED or less
C. Person entry fee to Petra = 100 AED or less
D. Person entry fee to jerash = 25 AED or less
E. Person entry fee to Ajloun castle = 25 AED or less

F. Guide Fees for 2 days = 35 to 40 JDs (Approx. 200 AED for 2 days) TBC 
G. Others = TBA

Note: all costs above are closest to actual considering a bit more for contingency. Changes in prices or fees because of extras done or online price changes can be possible.

Note that whatsapp group will be created for this trip members

For more information about the trip please contact me on 0552225802