Dare to test drive You (HIKING TRIP)

Date Fri, 14th Sep 2018
Start Time 04:00 (04:00 AM)
End Time 12:00 (12:00 PM)
Level Public
Location Fujairah
Status Closed
Capacity 5 of 10
Trip Owner Daiana

Dear all!

Not many of you know that I came to know about dune bashing from my hikind buddies. And those times I used to hike as many times as we do have trips in one weekend :)

I invite you to join me in Firday's early morning hike. We will meet in Dubai and in one convoy move to the hike starting point. The entry point is deep in wadi, which means some light offroading will be invloved, thus car with a good clearance is needed, preferably 4by4.

- Please wear hiking/sport shoes. No flip-flops or sandals allowed!

- Cap, scarf to cover your head. Though the hike will be on the shade side most of the times.

- at least 2 litres of fresh water for the hike, energy drinks as well

- Snacks (bananas, fruits, sandwiches, chocolate bars, etc) not very heavy. You will be carrying all the weight on your shoulders

- No climbing gear, ropes will be needed for this hike, the level will be easy.

If any further question, please whatsap me.