Kompass Challenge 2018

Date Fri, 16th Nov 2018
Start Time 07:00 (07:00 AM)
End Time 18:00 (06:00 PM)
Level Junior (Min: 5 trips)
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Closed
Capacity 23 of 99
Trip Owner OGN

Are you all ready for some action and teamwork!

It has been a long time since we did such an event

So here you go, an event for all members and levels to work together.

Welcome to Kompass challenge

The idea of this event is to practice our off-roading skills, GPS, teamwork and offroad support.

The total driving distance will be less than 100 Km

There will be two levels in this challenge and you may choose which one you wish to drive:

  • Predators - Expert Level (Highly challenging )
  • Gladiators – Easy/Medium Level


  • Each team should pick their names
  • Each team should have 3 members.
  • Each team less than three on the day of the event cannot participate.
  • Selection of team members is totally up to the members.
  • The organizer has no part whatsoever in the selection of the team nor its members.
  • Final team submission 12th November 2018.
  • All the team members should register in the trip manager.
  • Once the team is formed you may contact OGN (Omar) or imthi (Imthiaz) to share the team member names and which level you wish to participate.
  • Choosing the level is entirely with the team and the team agrees to the level of risk involved in the competition.


  • All cars should have GPS
  • Two GPS units are compulsory for selection of winners.
  • GPS should have trail tracking capability.
  • MotionX is allowed.
  • All GPS units will be inspected before the start of the event.
  • The organizer will erase the content of the GPS, will set the tracking resolution and date and time.

Tool Required:

  • Flags - All Cars
  • Radio (Walkie Talkie) - All Cars
  • Recovery Ropes - All Cars
  • Rated Shackles - All Cars
  • Air Compressors - All Cars
  • Spare Tire - All Cars
  • Recovery Points (Front & Rear) - All Cars
  • Fire Extinguisher - All Cars
  • Jack - All Cars
  • Extra Pertol - Required if you have a small tank
  • First Aid Kit - Minimum One per team

Note: Penalty applies for not meeting with required tools. If many items missing the member will not be able to participate for safety reasons.

Check-in starts at 6:00 PM Thursday - 15th Nov 2018 on the camping point.

Note: During Check-in, all your safety tools & GPS will be checked.

Day of Event Friday 16th Nov 2018:

  • 6:59 AM Check-in Closes
  • 7:00 AM Welcome Speech (Penalty starts for late members. Each member gets a separate penalty based on how late they are)
  • 7:10 AM Distribution of Co-ordinates
  • 7:20 AM Competition & Safety Briefing
  • 7:40 AM Team starting order by draw
  • 9:00 AM Start of Team Dispatch
  • 3:00 PM Trip Completing time. (Penalty starts)
  • 4:00 PM Trip Closes. (Team reaching after this are disqualified)
  • 6:00 PM Winner announcement


  • The location of the event will be shared on 13th November 2018.
  • Both levels (Predators & Gladiators) will receive a set of coordinates.
  • For Predators around 30 to 35 Points
  • For Gladiators around 20 to 25 Points
  • Each co-ordinate will have point weightage.
  • The team can visit as many points as they wish too in whatever order they want to.
  • The nearest hotel to the event location is Arabian Nights Village - https://goo.gl/maps/UxmH5RZ9KwQ2

Winner selection will be based on

  • The points collected by visiting the given co-ord
  • Penalties and Bonuses
  • If two teams have the same points - Distance done by the team will be used for comparison. Lesser is the winner.
  • If two teams have the same points and same distance - Time is taken to complete the track will be used for comparison. Lesser is the winner
  • All the cars should complete the event. If any vehicle is left behind the team will be disqualified
  • In case of a dispute or complaint, all three GPS tracks of the cars will be inspected by the organizing team.

Note: On the day of the event, the organizing team will explain and present all the Bonus points and Penalty points.


The event & prices are sponsered by 

The prices will be awarded for first three teams under each level.

If you wish to clarify any rules or information please contact:

Omar (055-2000441)

Imthiaz (055-8811725)

We wish everyone Good Luck!

Kompass Organizing Team

* Club Rules Apply *

**** Please note this is a competition based on distance and time, however and as always SAFETY FIRST, and remember we are gathering to learn, enhance our skills and enjoy! ****