THE LOST ISLAND - AL SHUWIHAT Island trip - part 2

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Date Fri, 7th Dec 2018
Start Time 08:00 (08:00 AM)
End Time 23:30 (11:30 PM)
Level Public
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Open
Capacity 38 of 50
Trip Owner MAYED-FJ88



        AL SHUWIHAT ISLAND IS LOCATED FAR WEST ABU DHABI CITY IN AL GARBIYAH, VERY PEACEFUL AND A LOT OF WONDERFUL LANDESCAPE VIEWS, WE GONNA CAMP AND ENJOY ISLAND NATURE. On the island you can go for a swimming, crab hunting,  beach walk, fishing, discover, enjoy the views and a lot of fun activities, VERY SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES and kids.
If you cannot camp there are a 4 stars hotel nearby ( 27 Km from the island ) where you can stay in at night and enjoy the island at the day time. ( )
There are a mall nearby ( 39 Km ) al Ruwais Mall if you wanna buy some supplies or food.
There are a petrol station 10 min away from the camping area you can use it for bathrooms and refuel.

            you can arrive at the island at any time starting from Thursday night till Saturday afternoon (the island is about 255 km from Abu Dhabi )

Please make sure of the following:

1- bring enough water and food for all days .

2- 4X4 and crossover vehicles can reach the island and camping area.

3- bring your camping gear and warm clothes + extra fire wood as the weather can become very cold and slightly windy especially at night.
4- There are a lot of military camps there so keep a modest behavior.
5- bring you big fat, huge, massive happiness smile.

a detailed SMS shall be sent to you before the trip day.

Don't hesitate to call me for any information 050 9990924