Karak Competition with Drive

Date Fri, 8th Feb 2019
Start Time 14:30 (02:30 PM)
End Time 20:00 (08:00 PM)
Level Junior
Location Dubai
Status Closed
Capacity 69 of 70
Trip Owner imthi

Welcome to Karak Competition with Relaxed Drive.

We will be having all level drives based on the registration and support.

After the drive we will have a karak tea / coffee competition and each member / family can participate in the same. The details about the competition will be updated on the day of the event. The participants who would like to participate should bring all the required items for making the best karak / coffee as you please. 

We welcome you to join this trip with your family and kids and enjoy the event. You can bring your BBQ and cook delicious dinner and enjoy the night.

Please make sure

- 4x4 car is in good mechanical working order
- Check all your car fluids are at perfect levels
- Front and rear recovery points should be available for recovery
- Spare tyre is in good condition
- Seatbelts are in good condition and available for all passengers
- Maximum of 4 passengers, all kids should have car seats
- Enough amount of water & snacks for yourself and passengers
- Fuel tank is full
- Offroad tools like radio, flag, deflator and compressor.

Club rules and regulations applies!

Meeting point location & time will be sent by SMS one day before the drive. If you have any question you can contact me at 055-8811725

See you all soon