Ladies Trip 21 MAY 2021

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Date Fri, 21st May 2021
Start Time 06:15 (06:15 AM)
End Time 09:45 (09:45 AM)
Level Junior
Location Sharjah
Status Closed
Capacity 3 of 10
Trip Owner Majidalshamsi

My Pleasure To Invite All Of New ladies Members To Join Me In

Friday : 21/ May /2021
Level: Joiner
Lead Trip : Majid alshamsi


2 December Cafeteria Meeting Point
Tawi Trail - Sharjah

Meeting point: 2nd of December
Meeting time: 06:15am
Trip will start at: 6:30 am
End time : 9:45 am
Please make sure to bring some refreshments and your smiles :)

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For any further information please contact us.
1- Majid 0551088500