D A D S & D O N U T S

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Date Fri, 18th Jun 2021
Start Time 16:00 (04:00 PM)
End Time 19:00 (07:00 PM)
Level Junior
Location Sharjah
Status Closed
Capacity 8 of 8
Trip Owner Sab Jml

Hello Lovely Members,

Father Day is on 21-June-2021.

Join us for early celebration on
18-June-2021, bring your family members, snacks,
drinks and Smile :smiley:.

Exact location will be shared via WhatsApp.

* Safety is a Priority:

1) 4x4 car in good working condition, check your vehicle fluids, temp., spare tire, etc..
2) Make sure your car is equipped with Recovery points.
3) Functional Seat built for driver and passengers.
4) Fuel tank is full.
5) Offroad tools and equipment,
Flag, Radio, Aircompressor, Deflator, Rated rope and shackle.
6) Covid-19 regulations are applied.

Let's have fun.

For more information
Please don't hesitate to contact:


Sab Jml