Side slope therapy (Jr2Of)

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Date Fri, 26th Nov 2021
Start Time 06:30 (06:30 AM)
End Time 10:00 (10:00 AM)
Level Junior (Min: 7 trips)
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Closed
Capacity 8 of 8
Trip Owner KaLeMeRo , falanso

Side slopping is a basic critical skill.
We will practice it and learn in this trip how to side slope safely. How to use side slopes for our advantage navigating in the desert.
All that while emphasizing on safety as number 1 priority

The trip is for juniors that wants to learn side slopping and get ready for next level.
Offroader are also welcome to join.

Trip starts 6:30AM
Expected exit time: 11:00AM

Trip is targeting junior+7 and above

Senior, experts and marshalls most welcome to support and enjoy together.

Let's have Breakfast together too.

Please make sure you have the following:

- Make sure that your 4x4 car is in good mechanical working order
- Check all your car fluids are at the right levels
- Front and rear recovery points are a must
- Spare tire is in good condition
- Seatbelts are in good condition and available for all passengers
- Maximum of 2 passengers, kids should have car seats
- Enough amount of water & snacks for yourself and passengers
- Fuel tank is full

Tools required:
- Flag
- Radio
- Deflator & Compressor
- Recovery Rope
- Soft / Rated Shackles
- Jack
- Jack Plate.

The usual UAE Offroaders club indemnity applies.

It is important that we also abide by all the government regulations with regard to the COVID.

For any inquiries please contact:

Alphonse Semaan