Advanced Juniors Sweihan

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Date Sun, 22nd May 2022
Start Time 06:00 (06:00 AM)
End Time 09:30 (09:30 AM)
Level Junior (Min: 6 trips)
Location Abu Dhabi
Status Closed
Capacity 5 of 9
Trip Owner Saeedpsu

Lets have a smoth drive in the morning followed by great brewed coffee under the shade :sunglasses:

Moving time: 6:15am

In this trip, we will practice side sloping + climbing some dunes depending on the level of the convoy.

Make sure that your ride is at a good condition.
Please be sure of the following:
- Your car is in good condition ( fluids, 4x4 ...etc )
- The condition of the recovery points
- The offroad tools ( deflator, compressor ...etc )
- The condition of the seat belts
- Full fuel tank
- The flag & walkie talkie are a must
- Water & snacks

Any questions contact me at

Saeed AlZubaidi
055 509 79 50