Rise & Shine juniors with Ex-H

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Date Sun, 29th May 2022
Start Time 05:30 (05:30 AM)
End Time 09:00 (09:00 AM)
Level Junior (Min: 1 trips)
Location Sharjah
Status Closed
Capacity 8 of 7
Trip Owner Saadomari , Gkdxb

Juniors are invited to join the trip " Rise & Shine juniors with Ex-H"
Trip Level :Juniors all levels
DATE: Sunday 29th May 2022
Meeting Time : 6:00 am
Moving Time : 6:15 am

Meeting Point :it will be shared in whatsapp Group

Requirements :
-Your car to be in good condition and to have (OFF-ROAD Rope ,UHF walkie talkie , Flag pole :waving_white_flag: ...)
-Your needs of water and drinks and snacks :yum:
-Sufficient Fuel in your car tank :fuelpump:
-Your smile :smiley: its mandatory

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information @ 0508726674

UAEOffroaders club indemnity applies.
Please make sure to have all the necessary
safety precautions and social distancing as
per the guidance of UAE in relation to