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Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:30 pm

Hennie wrote:Good morning to all of our Al Ain Offroading friends.
As promised, although a bit late here is some basic shopping assistance for the new members from Al Ain. Please note that you do not have to get all of these items, except for recovery points, immediately. It is however advisable that you start looking at some of these items to make sure you have a safer and more enjoyable time offroading.
• Fit recovery points to your vehicle - front AND back:
There are a couple of shops in Sanaiya that can assist you with this. We usually use Merhan, he can fit recovery points and do maintenance and repairs on your vehicle and will be able to direct you to someone if he is not able to assist. These should be bolted on to the chassis, never welded. I have indicated his shop on the Al Ain Sanaiya map.
• Suction cups for the flag
They are available at Zarawani in Sanaiya for around 55 dhs. We use the three cup one as they provide more suction options for curving of windows. They are also available at Dragon Mart for a bit cheaper, around 40 dhs depending on your negotiation skills
• Flag pole
A fishing rod, extendable, will do the trick. There are other options available but the fishing rods are cheap and easy to purchase at Carrefour or Daiso. We recommend at least a 3m long one, although 4m long ensures even better visibility
• Flags
Let your creativity get the better of you. We also have club flags available for sale from Offie on the site.
• Radios
There are so many choices available, you can purchase them at Dragon Mart. I bought my set of Motorola’s for 150 dhs. Please visit our website for more information about them:
• Recovery/Snatch Straps
They are more easy to come by in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If needed you could contact the club management for assistance. In Al Ain the straps are available at ACE. They have the Bushranger Snatch Straps separately or you could get the starter kit with some extra goodies. Please buy one strong enough for your vehicle
• Shackles
DO NOT BUY FROM CARREFOUR. Get some rated good quality ones at ACE. Also look at the rating to get ones strong enough for your car.
• Shovels
Available at ACE but I also found some cheaper folding ones at Daiso
• Jack boards
Really important to get one to put under your jack or else it will disappear into the sand when you are jacking up your vehicle. Suggested size 30cms x 30cms, use a thick chopping board from a gift market or buy a 5-10aed offcut from a carpentry shop in Saniya
• Compressors
Available form ACE, some of them are a bit expensive. It is worth your while to invest in a good quality one, not the small Carrefour ones as this will save you time and effort when you need to inflate.
• Deflators
Available at ACE, currently I see they are sold out. Many choices in the market, please buy a good quality to ensure you have the correct pressure.
Many available, I use a small Garmin Nuvi, works ok off-road and on-road. Got mine form Carrefour. More advanced systems are available according to your needs
• General
Club members and management are always available for assistance and may assist you in sourcing the required gear or provide advice of where you could get your gear. There is also a lot of useful information on our website at

Enjoy your shopping
Hi Hennie,

Nice information. I can add the following. DM has crony walkie talkies which use the UHF & VHF frequencies depending on which one the club uses. I bought theCN 888 and it worked pretty well. The Motorola set looks a bit cheap and has gap between the battery and body where sand can ingress.

Jack boards - I picked up a heavy cutting board from CHOITHRAM.

Deflators- currently the best one is with ARB (out of stock) and another alternative is with Ramy.

Garmin. - I have the Nuvi 2460 but am picking up the 62sc from a friend. Wonder how that is.

strap - picked up from Ace - 8000lbs. Shackles - Ramy same rating.

I am unable to access the website you have provided.
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Mosalf wrote:Thanks Wasif. Needed this information. What make is it?
Its some chinese brand, comes in Yellow and Red. Ramy sells the Red one with American Off road stickers added for AED 500 now.

I drove over my old pump so had to get a new one which i got from Dragon Mart last week for AED 250 ! My earlier one lasted 4 years !
Wasif Ahmed
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Hi Al Ain drivers - thanks to Jenny D for this tip: at the back of Bawadi mall (just inside the camel / goat market area) on the right hand side, 2nd turning after you enter the souq area through the arch way you can find a small hunting / falcon / camping shop. It is in a row of pet shops and I believe the number is F15 or H15.

They sell some very good camping and outdoors gear, and a few off road items including brass tyre deflators, ARB snatch straps, antennaes and compressors (although their compressors were a little more expensive).
They also have some excellent stoves, torches and sets of plates, pans and general camping stuff. Prices seem OK for quality gear. :eyebrows:
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There's also a couple of similar camping shops selling the same stuff in Hili Sanaiya/industrial area. They are located on the opposite side of the road to the KM supermarket - almost at the end near the video shop as if you are heading to Hili Residence Complex.
Don't know how prices compare though to the one behind Bawadi Mall.

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