Buying Recovery Equipment

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Buying Recovery Equipment

Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:57 pm

I did some research yesterday into the cost of recovery equipment. I have only been to ACE, so I can only give the following information (which is interesting nevertheless):

Bush Ranger heavy duty kit 499aed (this one is recommended for offroading)
- white snatch strap 11000 lb (to buy individually, this strap is 279aed)
- 2 rated shackles
- gloves and a bag

Bush Ranger standard kit 399aed (not recommended because the snatch strap is only 8000lb)
- as above but the white snatch strap is 8000lb only and 159 aed to buy individually

They also had yellow snatch straps which are lighter weight, but better quality than the white ones:
- 30ft 10000lb 239aed
- 30 ft 15000lb 399aed

The club sells recovery kits also.

UAEOffroaders recovery kit (500aed):
- yellow snatch strap 30ft 15000lb (made in USA)
- two rated shackles
- gloves
- tyre guage - accurate between 0 and 20psi (perfect for deflating tyres)
- valve tool (for tyre deflation)
- UAE Offroader's flag
- bag to keep it all in

Please note: the price for this has changed because some of the component parts are more expensive. On the store, the price is 375aed, however the store price is out of date.

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