Radio "baddery" replacement - Crony?

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Radio "baddery" replacement - Crony?

Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:18 pm

Brain teaser of the afternoon

I have 4 radios which look similar, 2 are Quansheng and 2 are Crony. Both are around 3 years old. For some reason, only 2 work and I'm trying to deduce the cause.

1 is completely dead, even after 12 hours of charging - no lights or display
1 keeps saying "please change badddderyy" in a very irritating American Chinese voice - even if charged

So - can you change the battery packs on these or does anyone have any other tips?

Plan B is to buy another pair - can someone remind me of the shop(s) in dragonmart and weather we need to wear a CIA style overcoat and dark glasses - like a pink panther film or buying a fake Rolex from Petalig Jaya in KL?

Are any other makes recommended? Mshoub had a beautiful looking radio on my drive yesterday - a Kenwood but he mentioned it was 500aed for one unit.

Thanks for any advice, Jeff - Osprey
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Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:17 am

The motorola's are usually good, but some of them have range issues. I have one that I've had for years and it takes rechargable AAA batteries, so I kept a spare set in the jeep with an in car charger. Until I left the charger in the YJ with no top in the pouring rain. It doesn't work any more! :(

I also have a similar issue with my Quangsheng one. It says "Please change battery" after being on charge all night. Chinese junk mate. Not work the paper it's written on! ;)
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Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:24 pm

This is the name of the shop in the dragon mart Sheng dates ding Co shop No BAI 05 13 they have new one I don't know if the can replace the battery u can check with them Tel 04/3687184
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