Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Meeting Points For All Members

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Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Meeting Points For All Members

Sun May 21, 2017 12:44 pm

[INDENT] Hi everyone.

When you are sent your trip confirmation SMS the day before a trip, it will tell you where we are meeting and it will normally be at one of these points.

You can copy and paste the GPS co-ordinates, in their current form, into Google earth. The GPS format should be set for degrees and decimal co-ordinates, you can do this by clicking on tools, then options, you will see the format possiblities under the "show lat/long" box

1.Mahawi ADNOC GPS co-ordinates: N24 19.333, E054 35.306
2.Al Faya ADNOC GPS co-ordinates: N24 13.095, E054 51.164
3.Al Khatem ADNOC GPS co-ordinates: N24 11.446, E054 59.616
4.Fertilizer Factory GPS co-ordinates: N24 16.120, E054 59.973
5.Bo Zeaab GPS co-ordinates: N24 13.828, E054 54.047
6.Brick Factory co-ordinates: N24 13.739,E054 49.611
7.Mussafah ADNOC co-ordinates N24 17.795, E054 32.459

3rd musafah gas station :

Coming from the town centre in Al Ain, turn right at the Tawam roundabout, turn right immediately after, Abela is on your left hand side about 300m along.
GPS co-ordinates: 24 11.833N, 55 39.459E

2.Adnoc Al Bateen
Opposite Spinneys on the newest way out of Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. From Al Jimi Mall, head towards Abu Dhabi and it is on your right.
GPS co-ordinates 24 13.123N, 55 38.369E

3.Camel Roundabout
From Al Jimi Mall, head out on the Abu Dhabi road, and at the airport roundabout turn right, drive to top and you will see a roundabout with plastic camels on it.
GPS co-ordinates 24 15.749N, 55 40.200E

4.Al Saad Police Section
Coming from AD, travel along the E22 towards Al Ain, and after the main Sweihan/Al Saad junction, come off the motorway at the 100kph signs, signposted Al Alyiah, turn left cross the highway, and then travel back down the road til you see the sign "Al Saad Police Section", turn in there, go straight at roundabout, meeting point on right.
From Al Ain, go towards Abu Dhabi on the E22, after Al Yaher you will see a sign for "Al Saad Police Section", turn in there, straight at roundabout, meeting point on right.
GPS co-ordinates 24 12.751N, 055 30.178E

5. ADNOC Al Khazna
Coming from AD, travel along the E22 for approx 96kms, you will see a sign pointing to a big ADNOC on the other side of the road. A short distance up there is an exit and underpass which will allow you to get to the other carriageway.
Coming from Al Ain, head on the E22 towards Abu Dhabi. You will find the gas station approx 35 minutes from the Tawam (horses) roundabout, at the 96kms marker.
GPS - 24 10.706n, 055 10.970e.

6 Spinneys, Al Ain, AKA Extra Souq
On the most northerly exit road from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. From Al Jimi Mall, head towards Abu Dhabi and it is on your left, do a u-turn at the roundabout after ADNOC Al Bateen and take your first right to get you into the car park.
GPS - 24 13.067n, 55 38.407e

7 Sweihan Gate 15
From Abu Dhabi, take the E20 and follow it until you reach the town of Sweihan. Take a right at the roundabout, straight at the next one, and follow the road for 12kms. You will see gate 15 on the other side of the road, so you will have to go to the next U-turn and come back.
From Al Ain, take the E22, come off at the Sweihan/Al Saad interchange, then go straight at the next 2 roundabouts. Follow the road for about 17kms, and gate 15 will be on your right, exactly at the "Sweihan 14kms" marker.
GPS - N24 21.614, E055 23.994

8 Sweihan ADNOC
on the E20 east of Sweihan
GPS N24 28.336, E055 20.450

(In case you are wondering why we don't publish which one it will be on the website - the trip is only for registered members and will be planned for the ability of the cars and drivers, and also for the number of Marshals and higher grades to support the trip).

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