Camel Spider

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Camel Spider

Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:21 pm

Camel Spiders
A wind spider, a sun spider or a wind scorpion, there're so many names for one creature widely known among the public as a camel spider. The reason for such a definition is just because they are found in desert regions, but it isn't actually a spider or a scorpion, it is a solifugae (the name derives from Latin, and means those that flee from the sun.) They live in various places all over the world, mainly in warm and arid.

Camel spiders first were found in the Middle East (Iraq) and also in sandy areas of the southwest United States and Mexico.

There are nearly 900 species which have been discovered so far.

A camel spider is usually seen during the spring and summer months because of the fact that they're afraid of cold weather.

They feed on insects, scorpions, or lizards and it's important to point out that they rarely hunt for prey, which is bigger than they are. They usually kill their victims with the help of chelicerae. Camel spiders often overeat so they become swollen and almost unable to move.

As for the characteristic of this species:

Camel Spiders are usually beige to brown in color, and they have very hairy legs and body. Males are usually smaller than females, with longer legs.

They have eight legs and use only three pairs of them. But it doesn't make any difficulties for them to develop a speed about 10 meters per hour; this is the maximum speed up to which they can move. A camel spider can be 5-6 inches in length. They are nocturnal creatures, so they hunt at night and look for the shade during the day.

Camel spiders are not dangerous for people. Rather often people mistaken, when they start thinking that spiders are hunting for them and even trying to kill them. Spiders will approach any shade if they have such an opportunity, including human shadows, and this gives the impression that they are following and even attacking humans, which obviously isn't true. Camel spiders just trying to hide from the sun.

Camel Spider Bite

They can bite only in case of self-defense, when they were disturbed and it's rather painful. Of course, it's necessary to consult a doctor immediately after being bitten by a camel spider, especially if the kind of a spider is unknown, but you should remember that they are not venomous and there's no chance of death directly caused by the bite, although there's a risk of infection.

Most of the pictures on internet which claim to show Camel Spiders bites are actually showing bites of other much more dangerous venomous spiders...

One more interesting fact, they are also known as screaming spiders because of their scream while running and people imagine that spider is screaming while chasing them.
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Re: Camel Spider

Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:18 pm

Thanks brother Fares for those information of Camel spider which we may face in desert.
Ali Salman aka Desert Samurai

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