Welcome to www.UAEOFFROADERS.com, about our club!

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Welcome to www.UAEOFFROADERS.com, about our club!

Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:53 pm

Dear Off-roaders,

On behalf of www.uaeoffroaders.com I would like to welcome all our new members.

UAEOFFROADERS was formed in September 2009 with the purpose of promoting four wheel driving, dune bashing and exploring the gorgeous desert, mountains, wadis and landscapes of the UAE.

UAEOFFROADERS is a rapidly growing family orientated 4WD club with many activities and offroading trips ranging from mild to wild. Trips are run by very experienced trip leaders who can advise and assist you in safe driving techniques.

Our members range from 'Rookie' off-roaders, to the very experienced. To cater for our members a variety of trips are organised and posted on the website on a weekly basis to suit all levels of competence, starting from 'rookie-runs' to advanced trips, as well as organised camping and wadi/mountain exploration trips.

Being a member in UAEOFFROADERS is very rewarding. You will meet new people from different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and religions that you might not get the opportunity to meet in your everyday life.

All types of 4 wheel drive vehicles are welcomed, great fun is guaranteed and you will take home wonderful memories of the day. New members who join UAEOFFROADERS are surprised to find out that some of the best times are spent not in the confines of their car, but after all the driving is done and we are relaxing around the campfire sharing experiences and jokes and reflecting on the day.

The desert is a place which commands tremendous respect, the Bedouin Nomads have survived and endured life in it for centuries.
Now we are captivated by it's mystical charms and UAEOFFROADERS invite you to join us for your own Nomadic experience and an evening of enjoyment under the stars.

Our Commitment to you:
UAEOFFROADERS will provide you with hands-on technical and instructional training and information of how to drive safely in the sand, raising your confidence level and your confidence in your vehicle's capabilities.

Most of all, UAEOFFROADERS will introduce you to the fun factor of being in the desert with the best 4WD offroading club in the region.

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