Strategy of Ten WOW Covert Tasks (1)

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Strategy of Ten WOW Covert Tasks (1)

Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:17 pm

Strategy of Ten WOW Covert Tasks (1)Those players who play WOW for a long time may find out that there are ten covert tasks. If you can make good use of them, you can also earn WOW Gold.NO, ten fled Kuska poolTask CommentsStrictly speaking, this task is not hidden, but it is located the most northerly test ska pool in Shadow moon Valley. Because there is no other tasks cable here, in addition to farm shadow pearls, cobra scales person or miners, few people come to hereBuy WOW Gold. The NPC of this task in WOW is hidden as well, therefore, incorporating it into the most hidden missions are a grain of truth. Earth Healer Vilda escort fled Kuska pool, and then went to the hands of the west of the curse Gourdain altar to heal the earth by Tullock complex life Karos Carat.Task Description:Thanks for Mother Earth! A few days ago, I was separated from partners in the circle of the earth and determined to reveal the soul of the water element of restlessness secretWOW Power Leveling. I am all the way to explore and found that the Nagas Kuska was polluting the water Shadowmoon ValleyLotro Gold.

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