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Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:22 am
by Wasif Ahmed
majelan wrote:Hi Offroaders,
Another Fj owner ,& not that I dont like jeep
Eidha Alamry
Hi Eidha.

Thanks for joining the FJ Group.

I am given to understand that your FJ C is one super cool ride.....I look forward to seeing it and to meet with you soon.

Please go to this link below to formally regester on thsi group.

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:39 pm
by afsal
Hii all
Am also a proud owner of Fj..

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:14 pm
by Wasif Ahmed
wellcome to the FJ owners group Afsal.

What year is your car and what have you done to it as of now and what plans do you have for mods

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:48 pm
by afsal
thnx a lot of now i havent done anythin 2 ma car as it is brand new..its just 1 month i hav bought it.inshallah am plannin 2 chnge the tyres to balloon tyres and also am lukin forwrd 4 suggestions frm u all...