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Waypoints & Routes

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:45 am
by overdose
Hi guys here some very interesting trips you can download in KML (google earth) and GPX (gps devices). Links are the headings of each trip :)

As Sumaynī, Oman
Offroading | 102.0 miles
Incredibly scenic, done several times. No easy crossing of the desert part, experience required, 2 cars minimum. Or sneak inland between mountains and desert. Ideal spot for camping. Shade from few trees only.

Two Tree Valley
Margham, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 13.2 miles
Some remarkably high dunes near Big Red south of Al Madam. Not very crowded even on Fridays, not defaced by trash. A lot of trees provide shade for picnics. Before you go to Liwa, exercise here!

Wadi Tayyibah
Ḩaşat al Bidīyah, Ash Shāriqah, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 106.3 miles
Short and easy to drive wadi along the old road from Masafi to Dibba. Just branch off the main freeway for a nice diversion. Ideal to combine with Wady Asimah and Wadi Sidr, too.

Pink Rock
Margham, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 29.4 miles
Not far from Dubai, starts near Big Red toward Fossil Rock. Mid-size dunes are managable, but not recommended to go alone! Take time for a shady break on top of the ridge.

Wadi Sathan and MuscatŢakham, Oman
Offroading | 847.7 miles
A 4-days trip to always remember! Easy to drive, except(!) for the summit track to Yasab. Driver must be free from giddiness. Lots of side tracks and alternative routes to explore. Can be done alone. Passports!

Wadi Asimah
Mawrid, Raʼs al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 102.3 miles
Short but tricky to drive. Shady plantations in a narrow wadi floor. Can be done alone. No summit, no views, but scenic and fun to drive. Good connections to wadis Sidr and Tayyibah.

Khawr Khuwayr, Raʼs al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 258.7 miles
Another must-see. Take 3 days at least and go camping. Take the boat tour for the Dolphins. Easy to drive in the valleys, more difficult on the summit track. Can be done alone, if necessary. Take passports for Omani border.

Hatta Pools
`Ūd al Bayḑā', Dubayy, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 111.0 miles
Popular destination, crowded on Fridays. Do take your swimming gear for the gorge, it's worth it! Very easy to drive. You cross a number of wadi floors, interesting (and slightly crazy) when it rains.

Wadi Bih
Dihān, Ras al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 63.6 miles
Very scenic and aloft mountain track, then narrow wadi trail. Positively don't go when overcast or rainy. Can be done alone. Take passports and driver license for army checkpoints. Ends in Dibba, take time for a beach break.

Fossil Rock
Warīsān, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 31.8 miles
First part up to Wadi Fayah is an easy sand track. Second part (red desert) more challenging, don't go alone. Try to get up to the ridge and enjoy the steep slide down. Little shade from trees and rocks.

Big Red
Margham, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 16.2 miles
Not far from Dubai. Try to tackle the dunes on both sides of the road. A good excercise before going to Liwa! Incredibly crowded on Fridays, but fun to watch them lunatics. Interesting sand quarry en route, don't miss it.

Wadi Sidr
Khulaybīyah, Al Fujayrah, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 171.1 miles
Very scenic track, relatively easy to drive. Ends in Dibba, so take time for the beach and some sight seeing! Good connections to Wadis Asimah and Tayyibah. Can be done alone.

Falaj Al Moalla
`Uwaynāt, Umm al Qaywayn, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 30.7 miles
Easy going sand track with lush greenery, plantations and shady trees for breaks. Cut through by new roads, but still ok. Can be done alone with some experience.

Muzayri, Abu Dhbai, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 763.9 miles
An absolute must-see, must-drive. Use tracks to oil fields for good pace, then branch off eastward. Take 3 real cars and 2 days at a minimum. No shade, take plenty of water. High dunes, passable routes change constantly! Experience and prudence required. Never without GPS!

Wadi Ray
Margham, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Offroading | 85.0 miles
Scenic approach on paved mountain road. Easy wadi track, using trails of the local people. Picturesque Wadi Ray featuring pool and gorge. Can be done alone, better not on Fridays. Good connection to Hatta pools.

Lancelot 0557349898
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Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:21 am
by tintin
Some interesting routes there buddy. I am sure we did the uwaynat drive on the Gulf News GPS fun drive last friday. Very nice change of scenery from Abu Dhabi town.

I see you own a Grand, which model? I have a 98 ZJ 5.2 with a few subtle (for the time being) upgrades.

Also, one point which I think some will back me up on. No matter how experienced you are, you should never go at it alone, it only takes one loose rock, or one change in dune shape to cause a very life threatening situation.

Nice post though buddy, some must see spots out there eh? ;)

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:45 pm
by overdose
lol the baby grand is a 1.6l MT suzuki Grand Vitara, the only 3dr model in 2008.

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:24 pm
by tintin
Oh, haha. So not a Grand Cherokee then? Ah well, almost had another one. ha ha

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:25 pm
by overdose
My friend owns a Grand Cherokee 98 model... he wants to sell it for 10grand

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:46 pm
by tintin
If it is in good condition I wouid urge you to go for it mate. They are brilliant in the sand as they are a semi-long wheel base, good for popping over dunes, whilst still having plenty of room for passangers and equipment. I am bias though.

Great price too if it is running good. What engine is it?

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:55 pm
by overdose
5.2. I'm really happy with mine been using it for 2 years now without any major issues I know it has it limits but would not be breaking those limits in any vehical esp with my 3 yr old daughter in the ride :o ...

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:35 pm
by tintin
Ok, well I can't disagree with a sensible driver. Definately welcome in this group. I may know somebody who will want it, but again, is it in good condition? And by good condition I mean is it running perfect?

High expectations for such an old car I know, but hey, who knows eh?

Cheers Lance

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:35 pm
by tintin
Ooops, double post!!! sorry

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:54 pm
by overdose
well to be frank there need work to be done who ever is interested can have his number - McAllen 0505689769