One month suspension for trip absent members

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One month suspension for trip absent members

Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:26 am

Dear Members,

Recently we have noticed that lot of members are signing in the trip and not showing up.

We have provided the members all the possible / easy ways to update their status for the trips and no one really cares.
  • Starting soon, if a member has been marked absent for any trips he / she will not be able to sign in to any of the club trips for next one month.
  • The trip manager will check if you are absent in any trip in the past 1 month after 09-dec-2018.
  • The member will be marked absent if the status of member is YES in trip and has not updated to NO or MAY BE.
  • The members can update the signed in status until one day before the trip date. If the trip is on Friday you can update your status till Thursday night. After Thursday night the marshal or the trip leader has full freedom to mark you absent even if you personally meet and inform that you are not coming.
  • The member will be automatically signed out in all upcoming trips.
Please this is enforced only to take our club activities seriously and value the time given by the seniors, experts and marshals.

This will apply to all trips including public trips.

Please make sure you update your status!

Club Management

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