Khasab to Ras Al Khaimah via the inland route

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Lionbar wrote:Sorry to Hijack, but is it the same subject, but for the other way round, I mean:

Head towards Dibba (apparently, if an expat can produce proof of a hotel booking, they will be allowed entry to Dibba), stay the night in the hotel, then head up towards Khasab and enter the UAE thru RAK. Anyone know if this is possible??
I've tried that once and it wasn't possible! Did entry the Dibba side, drive towards Khasab, and even managed to negotiate my first military check point, which was the Omani one! Few kilometers down the rocky track, the UAE military check point wouldn't have it! This is military zone, so only Emiratis and Omanis living in the area are allowed through!
That said, the couple of hours drive from Dibba to the first check point was worth it! Pretty spectacular! Don't see a problem doing the drive, camping and returning the next day. Musandam is notorious for never having any rain and getting really hot, so if you want to give it a go, it's either now or next season.
I have a friend in Musandam who could help out with passes, so no hotel booking is absolutely necessary!
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